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Do not buy "China made" stuff boycott do not help China
they spy on you every minute and they want to dominate you and insert the Communism in America
with the help of the American Democratic Party
Also that virus scandal, as made or give the opportunity to them to advance the concept of controlling the population a little more, don't be a foul'

the population is till growing with normal and estimate rate
see this link:
that virus is not more dangerous as the flu or Pneumonia and just made to scare all of you

To put a mask ??? this a symbol - symbol of FEAR and a first step to show that they will and can control you

Those (put your own adjective) Socialists who rule us

Here in California they are <> GLOBAL WARMING Vaccinated <>
also for that raison they have eliminated the power stations which worked with gas, with fuel to put the wind and the solar and now we have power cuts at all times - lack of current insufficient

They passed a law so that the forests are not cleaned and maintained correctly and everything is dead trees, dead wood, leaves, falling so an thunderstorm and boom!! fires and they can't do nothing to late and It costs lot more

But we must blame the global warming and especially Donald Trump lot much easier
But what they do apart from that?, NOTHING

they must be removed from power - don't vote démocrate please, please

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