Fiat 500 Bianchina - Tool - parts and garage sale stuff

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this Fiat 500 Bianchina is for sale $ 10,000.-
plus $ 2000 new parts

or this APE Kawasaki racing project - $800.-

Here below are all the items we have for sale, click on the one you are interested and we send you an paable invoice

<><> Adapter mix <><> Book & manuals <><> Camera film & Video <><> Charger mix <><> Classic cars <><> Clocks <><> Fiat 500 vintage parts <><>

<><> Garage sale <><> Guns for sale <><> GifShop <><>

<><> SHOP Manuals on CD <><> Model cars <><> Parts left <><> Tools <><> Swatch watches <><> Wheel Rim <><>

<><> <><> Furnitures <><> House material & mix<><> <><>

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